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Let’s March Forward Together, Subang Jaya

Dear Subang Jaya, in my maiden article, I would like to thank Subangites for giving me the mandate to be your voice in the Selangor State Assembly. The battle to where we are today was truly an uphill task. In Selangor, we were in a 50-50 game as a result of redelineation - what more the added hurdles of a weekday polling day, the tough task of re-educating Malaysians of the common logo, and the lingering public fear of the Anti-Fake News Act and National Security Council Act. It was for that reason that we knew we could not take anything for granted. Despite the uncertainty, and at times bleak prospect, what carried us through was our collective refusal to give up on hope - a hope for our children, a hope that there is a future in this country, a hope of a better Malaysia. The reality of this hope we knew could only materialise if enough of us fought for it. And I am still elated over the fact that we did in fact have the numbers. We finally made it, and in Selangor, with landslide results. The real work begins now. It will take every ounce of effort from everyone on board to heal Malaysia. Make no mistake, this is not a journey for bystanders - real change can only take place when all of us choose to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. On this score, I would like to call on all Subangites to join me on this journey of enhancing Subang Jaya's model township - not just in the tangible such infrastructure and cleanliness, but also in the intangible like our words and deeds. Subang Jaya has a reputation of bending together to achieve results. But this is not at all a rosy journey - in order to bend together, some of us would have to learn the pain of give and take - this of course is inevitable in a community that lives together. So I ask that you work with me towards this goal of enhancing Subang Jaya. I truly believe that I would not be able to succeed in this journey alone - this town is ours, and it is only by marching forward together that we would be able to bring Subang Jaya to greater heights. In turn, I promise you, Subangites, that I will work hard and do my best to be an effective voice for all communities. Thank you again, Subang Jaya. Let's do this! 

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